Zendegi Health and Spa Complex

The types of decorative flooring that we have used in this collection:

Creation catalog

Premium catalog

With professional experience in the field of designing and installing decorative and antibacterial flooring, we provide information and advice on the selection and use of flooring.

in addition to high resistance to wear and fire, gives a special beauty and splendor to the space.

Gerflor decorative and antibacterial flooring, as an outstanding and resistant covering, can give a special effect to your designs and interior decoration.

In this collection, we have used two types of decorative flooring from the Gerflor, whose names are "Creation Catalog" and "Premium Catalog" respectively.

These two types of flooring are made using the latest technologies and the best quality materials to help with high quality and optimal performance in sports spaces.

"Creation Catalog" with its beautiful design, high strength and resistance to wear, is an excellent option for sports spaces.

With proper flexibility, long life and anti-slip properties, this flooring allows athletes to work comfortably and safely in the gym.

"Premium Catalog" is also a superior quality option for decorative flooring.

This type of flooring with a combination of beautiful designs and attractive colors, along with wear resistance, anti-slip and antibacterial properties, provides a safe and fresh environment for athletes.

We are ready to cooperate with you and offer you the best choices to help you design your dream.