Tadbir School

The type of decorative flooring that we have used in this project:

Impression catalog

One of the catalogs of the prestigious and international Gerflor is the Impression catalog.

By offering a unique collection of decorative and antibacterial flooring products, this catalog allows you to experience stunning use of spaces and surfaces.

Impression floor coverings are produced from high quality materials.

The design and production of these floorings is done using advanced and innovative technologies, which results in superior performance and unique capabilities.

Gerflor continuously introduces new and innovative designs to the market to meet various interior and exterior design needs.

Normally, Impression flooring comes with a variety of designs and patterns that contribute to variety and beauty of the environment.

Among the popular designs of impression flooring, we can mention wooden, stone, tile, and mosaic designs.

Using advanced technology and realistic colors, these designs provide the desired completeness and natural appearance to the environment.

In addition, impression floors are often made of materials that are resistant to environmental factors such as water, humidity, sunlight, temperature changes, and even direct contact with external factors.