Noor Hospital

Hospital and antibacterial flooring that we have used in this project:

Floor coverings:

Operating room: Conductive catalog

Public space and rooms: Premium catalog

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Gerflor hospital and antibacterial flooring is one of the advanced and unique products in the field of hospital flooring designed to maintain the health and safety of patients and employees in this sensitive environment.

From the health aspects, Gerflor flooring has antibacterial properties and resistance to the growth of microbes.

These features are achieved by using new technologies and disinfectants in the flooring structure.

Thus, this flooring can actively play an effective role in reducing the transmission of infections and creating a healthy and hygienic environment in hospitals and medical centers.

Gerflor hospital flooring also has properties such as chemical resistance, impact and corrosion resistance.

These features make the flooring able to withstand shocks and pressures caused by daily use and the movement of medical devices such as equipment and wheelchairs.

In addition, Gerflor hospital floors have features such as anti-slip and acoustic.

The presence of anti-slip coatings on the floor surface reduces the possibility of slipping and ensures the safety of patients and staff.

Also, this flooring absorbs and reduces sounds caused by traffic and daily activities, thus helping to create a calm and relaxing environment in hospital wards.