Khalij Fars Mall

The types of decorative and antibacterial floor covering that we have used in this collection:

Premium catalog

With our professional experience in the field of designing and installing decorative and antibacterial flooring, we provide information and advice on the selection then use of flooring.

in addition to high resistance to wear and fire, gives a special beauty and splendor to the space.

By choosing the right material and colors, you can create a space with a stylish and pleasant appearance and also meet the necessary standards in terms of hygiene.

Gerflor antibacterial flooring, as an outstanding and resistant covering, can give a special effect to your designs.

Therefore,we can say that Gerflor floorings are known in the international market as a safe and popular option for the general public and are in demand and welcome.

In this project, we have used a type of decorative flooring from the Gerflor , which is from the "Premium Catalog".

This catalog includes modern, classic, retro and artistic designs that make it a beautiful work of art that can be used in any space.