Hezareh Sevom Building , Pasargad Bank

The type of decorative floor covering used in this project:

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Decorative flooring: It is one of the prominent ways to decorate and improve the appearance of spaces.

In addition to their functional task, these types of flooring also act as a beauty element and add splendor and charm to the interior design and style of the space.

Decorative floor coverings are offered in different types:

Including wooden designs that include imitation of natural wood with a real design and color and create a feeling of warmth and nature in the space.

Also, the stone designs that convey the beauty and splendor of the stone into the space and have a luxurious and stylish appearance.

Decorative flooring is also available in a wide range of colors and styles.

From natural and warm colors to flowing and lively colors,

all these choices allow you to choose a flooring that is highly compatible with the rest of the interior decoration elements, according to your personal taste and style.

At the same time, many decorative floors are produced from recycled materials and help preserve the environment and reduce the use of natural resources.

Their long life reduces the need for frequent replacement and high consumption of materials.

Decorative flooring can also be used in high-traffic areas.

These types of flooring are usually made of durable materials such as vinyl, laminate, parquet and artificial stone.

They are used as an alternative to traditional flooring such as carpet or wooden parquet

And they have advantages such as beautiful design, wear and impact resistance, easy maintenance and stain resistance.