Ghamar Bani Hashem Sport Complex

The type of decorative and antibacterial flooring that we have used in this project:

In the sports section: Gerflor

In the floor ramps section: Bolon catalog

Gerflor floorings, using advanced technologies and quality materials, provide the best experience for athletes in sports spaces.

These floorings have many features that distinguish them from other similar products.

One of the advantages of Gerflor flooring is their high resistance to wear and pressure.

This allows athletes to perform in high-traffic sports spaces and intense training without worrying about breakdowns and other problems.

Anti-slip Gerflor flooring is also one of their important advantages.

This feature allows athletes to work safely on different levels and reduces the possibility of slipping and falling.

In addition, Gerflor floors have high strength and can withstand sports impacts and shocks.

One of the distinctive features of Gerflor flooring is their unique design and variety, which are produced in different types, including sports flooring, laminate, vinyl and PVC coating.

Therefore, we can be say that Gerflor floorings are known in the international market as a safe and popular option for the general public and are in demand and welcome.