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The type of decorative and antibacterial flooring of the Gerflor that we have used in this collection:

Creation catalog

Creation flooring catalog from the international Gerflor is a comprehensive and professional source for information about beautiful products and high quality of this type of flooring.

By browsing this catalog, you will get to know a wide variety of designs, colors and styles of Creation flooring.

The beautiful and special designs of this catalog allow you to decorate your desired space as desired.

Creation floorings are made of high-quality and durable materials and are designed to perfectly match your needs using advanced technology.

In addition to the beautiful appearance, Creation floors also have outstanding technical features.

With the catalog of Creation flooring, you can get to know the technical characteristics of each product, information about useful life,

resistance to abrasion and scratches, slippage, heat and sound insulation and other characteristics.

They have high resistance to wear, scratches, slips and water.

In addition, Creation floorings provide good thermal and sound insulation, which increases comfort and quality of life in indoor spaces.

Beautiful designs, high quality and long service life are the main advantages of Creation floors,

which make them an ideal choice for decorating and improving interior spaces.